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Single-phase/three-phase energy meter with dispenser function and built-in cutoff relay




The Dispenser is a single-phase/three-phase meter with an electrical energy dispenser function to control demand. The two functions it performs are to control the maximum power allowed and to regulate the daily energy consumption of users of a permanently powered microgrid. Its four built-in working modes enable maximum energy optimisation of the microgrid. It also allows users to intelligently manage the energy available in networks, with limited or pulsed generation, such as the energy available from renewable energy sources. It features a main switch that controls maximum power and an auxiliary relay that can be used to connect or disconnect non-essential consumption.

The meter complies with current European regulations (MID), EN 50470-1 and EN 50470-3, using class B for the measurement of active energy and class 2 for the measurement of reactive energy. It has an optical port and RS-485 port for network connections used for read/write parameters and creating databases. It features a wireless RFID card reader with configuration parameters that match the network to which it will be connected, also used as a contract and prepayment control. The LCD screen and the LEDs let the user view energy availability. The universal dispenser includes software that enables management through the recording of the contracts associated with each dispenser in the corresponding RFID card.




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