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TCP2RS+ (consult availability)

Ethernet - RS-232 / RS-485 converter


Cod: M54033.


TCP2RS+ is a gateway for the conversion of the Ethernet physical medium to RS232 or RS485, or vice versa. The unit is fitted with a Web Server, from which the user can fully parametrize the device configuration parameters.


TCP2RS+ is a gateway developed entirely in the CIRCUTOR factory, incorporating the latest Ethernet network integration technology with high reliability, stability and robustness of use. TCP2RS+ can work in fixed IP mode, and even in DHCP mode through name identification.


TCP2RS+ is designed to work in multiple communication modes by simply selecting the desired option through the configuration Web Server. In master-slave function, the unit’s Ethernet port can work in UDP or TCP mode to a configurable port, or in Modbus/TCP to port 502. In addition, the unit has routing functions to develop RS232/485 topologies on existing Ethernet infrastructures.
The selection of the network protocol series (RS232 or RS485) and other network parameters is done through the configuration web site.


TCP2RS+ is the only gateway on the market with multi-range power supply and a DIN-type enclosure with as few as 2 modules. Its switching power supply allows you to power the device from 85 to 290 volts in alternating current, and from 120 to 410 volts in direct current.

  • Easy IP programming through the IP setup program (Windows)
  • Easy access to the configuration Web Server once its IP is known
  • RS232 or RS485 interface can be selected through Internet Explorer
  • Multiple communications protocols: UDP, TCP, Modbus/TCP or routing functions
  • Ethernet connection RJ45 10/100BaseTX
  • Connection of up to 32 units on the bus (RS485)
  • Compatible with any application on the market (PowerStudio / PowerStudio SCADA)



Vial Sant Jordi s/n, 08232
Viladecavalls (Barcelona) Spain
Tel: (+34) 93 745 29 00
Fax (+34) 93 745 29 14


(+34) 93 745 29 19