MC SeriesRD Series

R-RE-RBE Series

III Reactors for FRE static harmonic rejection filters


Cod: R


CIRCUTOR has standardized the reactors of the RE / RBE series, with a special design for their use in static capacitor banks. The best operation of the set requires the reactors to be connected within the triangle composed by the capacitor-reactor set. At the same power rating, the RE / RBE reactors have a nominal current value that is 1.73 times smaller and an inductance value that is 3 times greater than that in an R / RB reactor. The company has a standard range of 400 V rejection reactors with p = 7 %, with a resonance frequency of 189 Hz for 50 Hz networks (or on demand 227 Hz for 60 Hz networks). In addition, reactors can be manufactured on demand for static capacitor banks adapted to any value of the power rating, p %, voltage and frequency.
Low-powered reactors, RE type, are built with plates with low losses and are coiled with copper wire. The connection is achieved with the adequate terminals. In the case of higher power ratings, RBE reactors are used, with a magnetic plate nucleus and multiple steel cores, which offer excellent characteristics and a low loss ratio. The coils are made with an aluminium band (or copper band, on demand). The input and output connections run through a plate. Both RE and RBE type reactors have a vacuum varnish sealing to increase the insulation and reduce the levels of noise.


The rejection reactors of the RE / RBE series have been specially designed for their use in capacitor banks in installations with a high harmonic content. The reactors must be connected in series to each capacitor for theadequate protection of capacitors, the static operations module and to avoid the resonance effects in the installation.


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