PLUS_E Series (consult availability)OPTIM-FR Series (consult availability)

PLUS_FREF Series (consult availability)

Static automatic capacitor banks with rejection filters (tirystors maneuver) and three-phase measurement, phase-phase compensation




State-of-the-art intelligent capacitor banks that are capable of measuring the three installation phases and compensating the total power factor consumption of each phase in real time. The PLUS FRE f-f series includes detuned filters tuned at 189 Hz to avoid the resonance phenomena in 5th or higher order harmonics. Units for other harmonics orders are manufactured on demand. Including CIRCUTOR's measurement technology, effectively creating a compensation + measurement unit. As a power quality analyzer, it displays any electrical parameter of the network in real time and records it in its memory, with maximum and minimum values, date and hour.


The most common application is with individual loads or in installations where a quick compensation response is needed (for ex., welding units, motors for lifting units, lifts, etc.) and where there is a high content of harmonics in the network.


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