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computer PLUS-TF Series (consult availability)

Automatyczne regulatory energii biernej do przełączania statycznego,




State-of-the-art intelligent regulators that are capable of measuring the three-phase networks and compensating the reactive consumption of each phase in real time. In addition, they correct the total zero reactive energy and balance the active power in each phase. The Plus-TF power factor regulators have been designed with CIRCUTOR's measurement system technology, effectively creating a compensation + measurement unit. As a power quality analyzer, it displays any electrical parameter of the network in real time and records it in its internal memory, with maximum and minimum values, date and hour. The user can benefit from the following advantages as a result of the many new features:

  • The measurement of the three phases guarantees the real compensation of the installation.
  • Phase-by-phase compensation and in real time
  • Protection against harmonics, with antiresonance System
  • Easy to install, fully self-programmable, starts operating by pressing just one key
  • New regulation program that enables the use of any type of sequence
  • Greater continuity of the service, control and display of leakages, with step-bystep earth leakage protection
  • Internal temperature sensor, for the protection against excessive temperatures, with alarm and/or disconnection system
  • Test function to check the whole unit by pressing just one key.
  • The communications system can be used by the user to display the distance of unit parameters and the network for the preventive supervision and maintenance tasks.



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