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EFM-HYB PowerBox kits (consult availability)

Self-consumption photovoltaic kits for on-grid or off-grid systems

EFM-HYB CirPower kits

Cod: EFM-HYB CirPower kits


The EFM PowerBox kits are specifically designed to meet the energy needs of those customers who either have an on-grid or off-grid electrical installations. With these kits, the user will have the essential elements of the whole photovoltaic energy system, with the certainty that those elements have been correctly selected for their installation. The EFM Powerbox Hybrid kits guarantee 0 network injection or controlled injection.

The kits comprise the following material:

  • Photovoltaic modules (adapted to the power of each reference)
  • Support structures to secure the photovoltaic modules to any type of surface.
  • Multi-management hybrid solar inverter with web monitoring (PowerBox Hybrid model)
  • CIRCUTOR REA compact battery cabinet (or in a rack depending on capacity)
  • Electric cabinets with all necessary AC/DC protections; measuring and monitoring.

The main advantages of these kits are:

  • Reduced grid energy consumption and contracted power.
  • Reduced fuel consumption and emissions in gensets.
  • Monitoring and management of the electrical consumption.
  • Function (UPS): ensures the working of the loads in case of a failure in the grid.
  • CIRCUTOR warranty for the whole kit.
  • Documentation, schematic diagrams and technical assistance for all components.
  • Reduction of the logistics supply chain and number of suppliers for each system (1 supplier for the whole site instead of 1 supplier per component)
  • Dimensioning study according to the user's consumption profile (modules, inverter, protections and structure).



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