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CirPower (consult availability)

Multi-management hybrid solar inverter


Cod: E15311.


The CirPower Hybrid are hybrid solar inverters for self-consumption photovoltaic energy installations. They are able to manage They are able to manage the charging and discharging process in batteries, in order to provide necessary power to the loads combining power from batteries and from PV modules. This hybrid inverter includes a charge controller with a MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker), and the inverter-charger function with grid connection capacity (certified).

The CirPower Hybrid has 2 AC outputs. The first, for connecting secure loads (UPS function) which will maintain their power supply even when the grid fails. The second, for connecting loads in both on-grid or off-grid systems. CirPower Hybrid is specially designed to offer the user easy and intuitive interaction through a 3.5 inch colour touch screen. The solar inverter has a web server with graphics to monitor the installation at any time and an internal database which records the behaviour of all energy flows. Some of its main features are:

  • Battery charging from photovoltaic modules or the electrical grid.
  • Optimised algorithm for lead batteries or with a lithium ion batteries BMS.
  • Datalogger with downloadable data log file (without additional software).
  • RS-485 communications for power analyzers.
  • 5 working modes easily configurable.
  • MPPT Tracker optimisation patent and energy storage.
  • Electrical grid disconnection and reclosing patent and energy storage.



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