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PV-Monitor Series

Photovoltaic monitoring datalogger


Cod: PV-Monitor


The PV-Monitor is an energy manager used to monitor instantaneous selfconsumption photovoltaic energy installations. It features a datalogger and web server with PowerStudio Embedded and a SCADA application for this purpose.

This unit provides real-time information about the photovoltaic energy production levels, energy savings and the consumption of a building, home, office, etc., as well as storing historical data to perform periodic analyses.

In addition, the following accessories can be installed with the PVMonitor-M: a surface temperature sensor (photovoltaic modules), a solar radiation sensor and an ambient temperature sensor. These accessories can be used to calculate the installation's efficiency.

The PV-Monitor offers the following advantages:

  • Detection of low performance of the PV installation (performance rate)
  • Instantaneous energy balance of consumption compared to PV energy generation
  • Calculation of the current month's self-consumption percentage (solar fraction)
  • General alarms of the PV installation warn about anomalous operation (email alerts)
  • Reduction of energy consumed from the electrical network
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.



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