MHe SeriesTL-5 Series

MI_MD Series



Cod: MI_MD


The MD and MI portable megohmmeters have been specially designed to measure insulating resistances with values of TΩ, using a test voltage that can be selected by the user. Its highly reliable technology enables the intake of accurate measurements and easy reading of insulated low and medium voltage electrical systems, transformers, motors, cables , equipment and home installations, distribution grids, etc. It incorporates a rechargeable internal battery, but it can also be powered from the mains. It is ideal for outdoor work: it resists severe usage conditions, including impacts, very high and low temperatures, intense vibrations during the transport on bumpy roads, prolonged direct exposure to the sun, etc. The MD-5060e unit includes the following advanced features: automatic calculation of the polarization and dielectric absorption indices, penetration/no penetration tests and fixed time and digital stop-watch