DHC-96 SeriesSérie DC-B

DHB Series

Instrumentation numérique


Cod: DHB


Panel mounted digital devices designed to display on-screen the value of a electrical variable measured or proportional value of a process signal, depending on the model. Essential for regulation purposes, programming the analogue output available in some models, and for control purposes, if the relay outputs are used as alarms.

DHB units are fully programmable and the following can be programmed: scale, transformation ratios, alarm setpoints to activate relays, communications, colour of the numbers displayed on screen, etc. Depending on the model, you can measure the electrical parameters of a single-phase installation such as voltage, current, frequency, power, cos φ, etc., the direct voltage or current of an installation, impulses, frequency, circular speed, periods, time, temperature and also other voltage and current process variables. AC models calculate the true root mean square measure (TRMS).

The models include the following common features:


These digital instruments have multiple applications. Thanks to their very bright 5-digit and 3-colour screen, you can simply view a numerical value and an alarm or prealarm status of a measured variable. Depending on the model selected, displayed on-screen are the electrical parameters of a single-phase installation as a power analyzer (voltage, current, power, frequency, etc.).

Other models allow to visualize the value of an analogue signal, show impulses received through an input, temperature, time, circular speed and many other variables that depends on the device and the configuration. The indicators also let you operate any external element, using the panel unit outputs as alarms depending on the value of a variable or as a transducer of the measured variable to an analogue signal, which is subsequently sent to another unit, such as a PLC.

Apart from displaying the values, units with communications also allow you to send data via the RS-485 communication bus for software or PLC integration.


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