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Success story: Project to install Circutor Photovoltaic Canopies to supply 321 kWp in the Banc Sabadell corporate centre (Sant Cugat del Vallès)

Banc Sabadell has installed a 444 kWp photovoltaic installation at its corporate centre in Sant Cugat del Vallés, the company's largest, in an effort to generate clean energy to supply its electricity needs, thus reducing the ecological footprint of the complex. The panels are located on the different buildings that comprise the centre: atop the central building, atop the auditorium and atop new photovoltaic canopies in the employee parking area.


Initial condition

The project addresses Banc Sabadell's commitments to align its business activity with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the company, in keeping with the provisions of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. It is characterised by the need to cover the 128 outdoor parking spaces with an aesthetic photovoltaic canopy that provides continuous shade while capitalising on this surface area to produce the equivalent of 321.6 kWp. To do this, it partnered with CIRCUTOR, a leading energy efficiency company, to design, certify and manufacture solar photovoltaic canopies, and with SUD Renovables, a leader in industrial self-supply in Catalonia, which was responsible for the completion of the turnkey project.
After the approval of Royal Decree 244/2019 in Spain, it is technically, economically and administratively feasible to generate the electricity consumed in a building by using photovoltaic panels. As a result, more and more companies are opting for this type of investment, which offers guaranteed returns and reduces that part of their fixed operating costs associated with their electricity bill.

Circutor Photovoltaic Canopies in the Banc Sabadell


PvingPark solar photovoltaic canopy

CIRCUTOR's PVingPARK range of photovoltaic canopies is especially designed to integrate and mechanically assemble PV panels, guaranteeing a uniform and waterproof cover, the routing of all the electrical wiring and the structural certification of loads, as per Spain's Technical Building Code (CTE) requirements. It also allows Circutor electric vehicle chargers to be integrated into the structure, thus combining in one location both photovoltaic generation and charging, although that is not required in this case, since Banc Sabadell already had outdoor Circutor charging posts installed previously to supply its fleet of electric vehicles.
In order to successfully carry out the objectives specified by Banc Sabadell, CIRCUTOR provided a canopy solution that was tailored to the layout of the car park and to the aesthetic and technical requirements of the location. To do this, the PVS4 dual canopy model was used, which allows covering two rows of vehicles, optimising the structure and maximising the photovoltaic generation area:


Circutor Photovoltaic Canopies in the Banc SabadellDimensions of CIRCUTOR's PVS4 dual canopy model


Once the model was specified, the climatic loads and usage limits at the site were studied to determine the optimal configurations for its installation. It should be noted that depending on the wind and snow loads, and the degree of roughness as determined by the surroundings, the configurations with 7.5 m distance between posts may not be sufficiently resistant, requiring 5-m distances, or an intermediate solution by combining 7.5 + 5m sections.


Circutor Photovoltaic Canopies in the Banc SabadellMap of Wind Areas in Spain (left) and definition of the degree of roughness as per the CTE (right)


Circutor Photovoltaic Canopies in the Banc Sabadell


Site parameters

Site parameters for the configuration:
  • Location: Carrer del Sena, 12, 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona
  • Wind Zone as per the CTE: Zone C (Vb = 29 m/s)
  • Snow Climate Zone as per the CTE: Zone 2
  • Degree of roughness (surrounding) as per the CTE: Zone III "Areas with low vegetation, such as grass or lawn and isolated obstacles (trees, buildings) whose separation is at least 20 times the height of the obstacle".
  • Distance between posts (D): alternating sections of 7.5 + 5 m

Configuration of the solution

CIRCUTOR finally configured the solution by using of a total of five PVS4 canopies for a total power of 321.6 kWp:
  • 2 PVS4 M36T canopies (45m) with 36 spaces (18 + 18) for 270 PV modules
  • 1 PVS4 M28T canopy (35 m) with 28 spaces (14 + 14) for 210 PV modules
  • 1 PVS4 M20T canopy (25 m) with 20 spaces (10 + 10) for 150 PV modules
  • 1 PVS4 M8T canopy (10 m) with 8 spaces (4 + 4) for 60 PV modules
Supply of CIRCUTOR materials

CIRCUTOR supplied the following materials and associated services:
  • 5 x PVS4 PVingPARK canopies for a total of 128 spaces and 321.6 kWp
  • 960 x 335 Wp PV modules with HalfCell (120) monocrystalline technology with compatible dimensions for the canopy
  • Assembly service for the mechanical canopy and PV modules
  • Engineering service to calculate the loads transmitted to the foundation and proposed pad sizing for different terrain options.
Partner companies

To complete the project, CIRCUTOR collaborated with the following companies:



Once the project is completed, the following results are expected:

  • Forecast energy saving: 5-6% of total consumption
  • Annual estimated energy production (444 kWp): 586.594 MWh/year, equivalent to the average annual consumption of 200 households.
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions: 364 tonnes/year.
  • Sufficient daily photovoltaic power generation to allow charging enough electric vehicles to travel up to 10,600 km/day with emissions-free energy.
  • Return on investment (ROI): 12 years





Circutor Photovoltaic Canopies in the Banc Sabadell



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