Serie MC3TCM-420 Series

Serie STP-24

Kleine-teilbare Stromwandler


Cod: STP-24


Open-core current transformers with compact dimensions for easy installation. This type of transformer is very easy to install and uninstall on compact panels where the reduced space makes it difficult to take current measurements. In addition, their open-core design means that they can take measurements without having to interrupt the electric supply. The primary current measurement range is from 100 A to 300 A using different secondary outputs (.../1A, .../5A or .../250mA) with a maximum admissible cable diameter of 24 mm.



Quick and easy assembly are a fundamental aspect when taking temporary measurements in an electrical installation. STP-24 transformers can take energy measurements together with CIRCUTOR's power analyzers or energy meters (CVM-MINI, CVM-NET, CVM-C, CVM-B, EDMk, etc.) without having to interrupt the electric supply. The open-core design of the transformer makes it very easy to install and allows installers to take electrical measurements in less time.


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